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January 28, 2020 Comments Off on Joseph Smith

As I understand, some of my findings may arouse resistance to my story. you can even think that things I mention to respond to a personal desire to discredit him by slander and distortion of the facts I mention, I reiterate that I loved my husband and I have met throughout our life matrimony.a the circumstances mentioned are part of my life experience, that any woman who has shared a conjugal relationship, surely you can understand what we live in the privacy of our home, only we know, and only we can evaluate in their right perspective and not true a That said and to avoid hurting the susceptibility of some of you who may be offended by my words, try to support my sayings, with documentation and a reference to prestigious historians who nevertheless share the same faith and principles taught by my husband, have closed their eyes to the evidence of the facts. a When we marry Joseph, lived in the midst of tremendous economic hardship, as in the previous year to our marriage, ie in 1826, Joseph had been convicted of justice and had to bear the costs of the trial to avoid being sent to jail. New York Museums recognizes the significance of this. a This is the story of the sentence against my husband, a The people of the State of New York against Joseph Smith. to court orders issued under oath of Peter G. Bridgman, who informed that one Joseph Smith of Bainbridge was acting against the law and was an impostor.. Danny Meyer understood the implications.

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