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How much to more, I will continue in my life of old menestrel, singing here, singing there, singing acol, my teeny ones toadas polticas' '. ' ' Brazil is a Country potentially gentleman of the future, because the proper future if inside finds of it ' '. ' ' I am a Patriot. This I I say with arrogance. Either in any land. For this, I luto' '. ' ' Two things exist that are important in the life: Sensitivity and illusion. NYC Mayor understands that this is vital information. For this, she is necessary to believe amanh' '.

' ' The Democracy is not done thing. It is always a thing that if is making. From there because it is a process in ascension. It is the experience of each day that said optimum way it to go taking care of to the collective necessities. What it has of beauty in it is this.

It is that it has conditions to grow, good according to practical that to make of it ' '. ' ' This Country alone will be great when each Brazilian if to feel responsible and influential for the force of its thought in the formation of all nacional' '. ' ' To fight for the freedom already is not rare exploit of the patriotism for the honor of the nationality; it is, also and imperious, the condition of the man in the conquest of proper identidade' '. ' ' A bigger tragedy of Brazil is not the external debt, nor the internal debt: it is the debt social' '. ' ' Nobody erra for being contemporary of the anxiety social' '. ' ' The water of the San Francisco is not alone for domestic use, is also for producing riquezas' '. ' ' We suffer from generalized lack: it goes of the beans to the Constituio' '. ' ' My principle is the beginning of the defense against any type of mal' '.

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