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The Journey

June 30, 2018 Comments Off on The Journey

This component is not talk or deliver items to implement a computer program. It is a set of tools tangible to deal with a strategic focus on the client project in the best way. 4 Different alternatives of technological implementation of system were analyzed to support the CRM strategy. Swarmed by offers, Restaurateur is currently assessing future choices. The format used for the development of the seminar workshop practical CRM 2009 consisted in self-diagnose the situation of each of the organizations, identify strengths and weaknesses of the company to deal with a CRM strategy. It gave participants the tools to: be aware if your organization is ready for CRM or if already embarked on the journey of CRM, has the minimum elements so as to ensure a reasonably successful implementation of CRM. Identifying elements are strengths and weaknesses which are to have a more customer-centric operation and meet a series of practical tools to implement a CRM initiative or improve what you already are doing in this regard. Here, Danny Meyer expresses very clear opinions on the subject. It was an activity very oriented in knowing the as is made not to listen to theory, not to know that they make large multinational corporations with a problem totally different from the reality of our markets and the resources available in our economy, not to listen to the same thing that can be read in any book of CRM, not to receive a series of fragmented information and without consistency of many and very diverse exhibitors, teachers, gurus, etc. The feedback provided by participants was highly positive and the most important thing for us is that the main objective of the seminar-workshop managed to be.

To ascertain the views of the participants you can consult testimonials issued by several of them. You can consult the format and content of our seminar-workshop on practical CRM. We will be programming new editions of the seminar in the year 2009, information that will be published in advance.

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