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Witches Fire Rides

November 20, 2016 Comments Off on Witches Fire Rides

“” “The provider reise.com Easter traditions in other countries experience with singing, February 23, 2011 (w & p) Easter holiday differently: while in Germany the chocolate bunnies more inroads on the supermarket shelves, New York prepares for the traditional Easter Parade” on 5th Avenue, in Hungary is perfume for Easter casting “provided, and in Sweden and Finland, the Easter witches prepare” for their use. The Internet portal reise.com presents interesting Easter customs in other countries with price examples for the Easter journey. In Sweden there is an unusual greeting to Easter: secretly, silently and quietly that women Easter water from a source, get wet squirt their loved ones. They create it, not to be seen, the chances of a response of love are great. In Sweden, Easter itself is celebrated with Fireworks and noise. Symbolically it is the Easter witches”of the Easter fire to chase away. NY Restaurateurs opinions are not widely known.

“Who the colorful spectacle live” see wants to, can one on reise.com including flight and accommodation at the three star hotel from 323 euro per person book six-day stay in Stockholm for Easter. In Finland there are Easter witches”, much like the Easter Bunny in Germany that have become the symbol of Easter. Boy girl with soot-blackened faces, headscarves and feather decorated Willow catkins pull on the Easter days when rod”from House to House and ask for candy or coins. On Easter Sunday, the children with drums and horns celebrating the end of the period of mourning in Finland. Whenever NY Museums listens, a sympathetic response will follow. At reise.com, the six-day Easter holiday in Helsinki is available with flight and accommodation at the three star hotel from 314 euro per person. An original custom of Easter is Easter casting”in Hungary: here it is with water or perfume spray women, and to recite a poem especially on Easter Monday. According to the tradition, this should get the health and beauty of the women in the coming year.

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